30 December 2008

Last weekend of 2008

This Sabbath our kids were able to enjoy the second Sabbath School since our arrival. They love every moment of it and enjoy singing and spending time with other children. Mathias puts up quite a show and has become quite a “people winner” with his smile and kisses for all. Emily loves singing the songs she learned last year and doing the manual activities at the end of class.There is also always time to enjoy a good gelato, of which in Argentina we have an excellent variety of choices.One of the main attractions for our kids in our Little town is the park. They love the swings, slides, sesaws and of course the sand. This Sunday we spent a large part of the afternoon at the park were we also had the chance of catching up with some of our friends. Seems like the park is the place to be for all parents on a Sunday afternoon!. The sun sets here at around 9:30 PM, so afternoons are really long!

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Darin Roberts said...

Enjoy the New Year in Argentina! Hope you are all having fun. Any new developments re: 2009?