24 December 2008

Photos of the week

These are some pictures of the activities we have been doing over the last week. We arrived in Argentina on Monday night last week. Gisela and the kids travelled next day to our town (400 Km north of Buenos Aires with Gisela´s parents) while I stayed in Buenos Aires until Thursday to do some paperwork in the Medical Collegue and get a new Passport.
We have now all on Argentinean time. Mathias took a while to get his biological clock sorted out but is now on track. He woke up the first nights at 3 am hungry and wanting to play. To make things worse the sun sets here at around 9:45 PM and it is midnight before you know it...
Looking through some old pictures we found a picture of my uncle Marcelo. When he was around Mathias age they looked very similar.
The last few days have been scortching hot. Over the weekend we enjoyed our cousin´s small pool in our house (we rent our family house to him) The kids had fun in the pool and playing with their cousins Matias and Melissa. It´s good to see them run around, enjoy the public park and be able to walk along the sidewalks and surrounding areas unlike Lae.The big activity that kept everyone busy was making the traditional Christmas cookies that my Mom makes every year. Emily was great help, Mathias just wanted to eat the covering! Regardless of all the “help” received they turned out pretty good!

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