2 January 2009

New Year

Happy 2009 to all!
The new year is upon us. The first day of the year here has been cloudy and cold, so we did what we can only do on cold rainy days…eat and sleep. Now recuperated from the late night that we had last year the kids are running around (eating again) and I’m taking a few minutes to put some pictures on the blog before we head off to Cordoba, one of the central provinces of Argentina for a one week get away starting tomorrow until the following Friday.

Once again we all got together last night for the end of the year celebrations. We were not so out of line with the food consumption this time (unlike Christmas) and gave the cows a break. We had sandwiches, different kinds of cheese, other sort of snacks, olives, pizza and tons of drinks… good drinks. Midnight brought a war like feel to town with hundreds of fireworks going off in the sky, and it continued that way steadily until around 3 this morning. We had an early firework session for the kids at around 22:30 (just the little fire stars) in the backyard which was throughly enjoyed by the kids and some grandparents too!

I have taken a little time to go motorbike riding again. Took the helmet out for the picture. Always wear your helmet and keep below 180 Km/h says Emily!

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