20 January 2009

Dakar Argentina-Chile

This year the classic rally was held in Argentina and Chile. The cars took off on the 4th January from Buenos Aires and returned on the 18th after covering 9,500 Km of very rough terrain.
The Argentinean Patronelli came second overall with his quad. Coma first on bikes.Our hope were also set on the BMW driver "Orly", unfortunately he was not so lucky and crashed his vehicle on the 10th day of the race, at that stage he was 5th...The scenery where the race took place was amazing. I did not know there were places like this in Argentina. The dunes in the Catacama desert of Chile and the crossing of the Andes were probably the toughest part for all.

The Spanish race Sainz was well ahead of the rest and the obvious winner when he crashed his vehicle (went over a 4 meter cliff) after his elimination the South African de Villiers had an easy time making it first on the podium. This year the victory goes to Wolkswagen. On bikes KTM lead by far.

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Chris said...

Yeah the Dakar was great hey! Some of the driest and toughest conditions. Its amazing that more people dont die as some of those guys are CRAZY!!