13 June 2010

Argentina 1- Nigeria 0

El primer partido de Argentina en este mundial me encontró con mis dos hijos enfermos. La Emily a los vómitos limpios y el Mathy con nauseas y una tos horrible. El partido acá en las Islas Salomón empezó el domingo a la 1 de la mañana y termino a las 3. Para la medianoche todavía con Gissy estábamos terminando de decorar la torta de cumple de la Emy y todavía estaba con empanaditas en el horno. Justo después de las 12 la Emy empezó con sus vómitos, así que a cambiar sabanas y pijamas y pasar un buen rato en el piso del baño dándole el poco soporte que uno como padre le puede dar a un hijo que esta vomitando… pobrecita. El gol de Heinze que pude auto-capturar con mi camarita en tiempo real (domingo 13 de junio a las 1:07 a.m. horario local) fue seguido por otra ola de nauseas y vómitos que me alejaron de la pantalla durante la mayor parte de lo que restaba del primer tiempo entre que por segunda vez en 2 horas cambie sabanas, puse en remojo las cosas, cambien pijamas y lave el piso de la pieza por segunda vez. Después que la Emy se durmió volví a ver la segunda mitad, putear al referí por algunas decisiones e inflar 100 globos para la fiesta de cumpleaños. Hoy Emily anda muy bien gracias a Dios lo mismo que el Mathy, parece que lo peor del virus que andaba dando vueltas a pasado.
Argentina’s debut in the WC found me with both of my kids sick. We were up till after midnight finishing the cake for Emily’s birthday party and baking some other little treats. Emily started throwing up shortly before the game began (on Sunday morning 1:00 am local time) I managed to watch the goal and also auto capture this photo with my little camera of Heinze just seconds after he scores. Most of the first half of the game I missed after another round of nausea and vomiting took me away from the screen to sit with my daughter on the bathroom floor and provide the little comfort a parent can bring to their child when they are being sick on the toilet bowl. After changing sheets, washing the floor, changing pajamas and making sure she was asleep I was free to return to watch the second half, swear at the ref for some sloppy judgments and blow 100 balloons for the party the next day. Today both kids have been feeling great, hopefully the worst of this virus is over.


Ruben Vlot said...

Congrats with the Argentina victory ;)... But they really have to play better to become the new World Champions! Tomorrow it's up to the Dutch! They'll show the world how to play football =P.
Just kidding. In Holland we're always creating to high expectations. Hopefully the high expectations will become reality this time. We have the team and the players for it!

Enjoy the WC!
Hope your kids are feeling better soon. (same to me, I'm quite sick after going out to a community for a week) But tomorrow I'll definitely sit behind the TV to support my country.

Anonymous said...

Vamo vamos Argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Este mundial es nuestro!

Kymmie said...

You look mad with excitement at this photo! Or is it that you were frustrated because Emily was sick at the same time as the game?

Go Argentina go!

Raul, Gissy, Emily y Mathias Schneider said...

Ruben, good luck to the Dutch too, maybe a re-run of the 1978 WC final (hopefully with the same result!)
Kym, ugly picture I agree but reflecting the joy of what I hope are many more goals to come in this WC. Would never be upset with my daughter if she was sick and I had to miss even the whole WC! You know how these kids can grow on you and make everything else in the world pale out.