26 August 2009

Cena con amigos/ Dinner with friends

Anoche tuvimos una cena con amigos. La pasamos muy bien (pese a que no me sentía con todas las pilas) y pudimos pasar unos hermosos momentos con amigos de todos los rincones del mundo (muy multicultural) La comida excelente. A los chicos los cuidaron otros amigos que tenemos asi que pudimos pasar una velada en paz y entre adultos (cosa que no pasaba hace mucho) Last night we had a nice dinner party with some friends that we have gathered in Lae over the years, a very multicultural group composed of South Americans, South Africans, Asians and of course Australians (can’t get away form them!) Food was excellent. The Lewis had the torture of looking after our kids while we were able to enjoy a wonderful adult dinner (thanks guys!)

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Simon Lewis said...

Matty was very funny as three times he went and put on his shoes ready to go when Mama and Papa come back!
Emily played with the girls then sat and watched Dora the Explorer with her brother bringing her a drink bottle. Very Cute.
Not one tear from either of them!
Enjoyed the night!