30 December 2009

On the 24th during the evening we got together with family to celebrate Christmas. The evening cleared after a day of intense rain and that gave us an interesting sunset. In Argentina it is the usual practice for children to open their presents on Christmas eve after 12 (we are night people after all) They were all excited between the little fire works and the presents they received. So we enjoyed great food (my mother cooked all the food you can see in the pictures), company and had a great time.


Lici said...

¡¡Qué puesta de sol!! Y lindo ver que la están pasando bien con toda la familia. Saludos y ¡feliz año nuevo!

Daniel said...

que buena la foto del atardecer!! impresionante. Y la comida ...., solo nos queda soniar ... :-)
Un saludo, ya llegamos a casa bien.