2 September 2007

Saturday afternoon in Diamante

After church
Emy with Dad Emy with Mom
This town is called Diamante on the coast of the Parana River which is the largest river in Argentina (it starts in Southern Brazil and goes out to the ocean next to Buenos Aires) On this strech the river is 30 Km wide and ships from all over the world come to load grain (wheat and soya beans) in the port, even though the town is 400 km inland the river is deep enough for the ships to sail in. Diamante is located about 15 Km from our town, Libertador San Martin, and it has a nice park for Emily to play and great sunsets over the river.
Going up the big slide
The end of the day...

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Gerald Durstmüller said...

Dear Schneiders!
We are coming to Lae in January, working at the Lutheran Church for school administration. With us will be Leon our 3 years old son. Congratulation to Mathias. I hope we see you sometime next year.
Gerald Durstmüller